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Are you searching for a solution to improve your indoor air quality?

 Global plasma solutions’ GPS-2400 is what you need!

Our patent pending technology has been 3rd party tested and proven to reduce or eliminate virus, bacteria, mold, allergies, dust, smoke and odors.

Global Plasma Solutions’ produces positive and negative ions ( Cold Plasma ) in the air stream which treats the inside of the air conditioning equipment, and duct work and then enters and purifies the entire home when the fan is on.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.15.48 AMgps-air-coupon

EMSL Labs is an Elite rated laboratory by The Center for Disease Control and they have tested the effectiveness of Global Plasma Solutions’ products against the pathogens listed below. All testing was done in a large environmental chamber, in an effort to simulate your home. The testing resulted in very high kill rates “in the space” which are show below:

  • Staph
  • MRSA
  • E. coli
  • Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff)
  • Tuberculosis
  • Airborne mold

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Crystal Lake, IL based Arctic Heating and Cooling is a full-service air conditioning and heating contracting company with the ability to service and install complete heating and air conditioning systems. In addition to scheduled service checks, repairing of existing equipment, and installation of new equipment, we can help you find ways to reduce your energy bills through a thorough blower door testing and cost-benefits analysis. We have an extensive history of repair service on all brands of central air conditioning heating systems and furnaces. You can count on Arctic Heating & Cooling to do the job right.

“My second floor is too hot and my main floor is too cold. Can anything be done about this?”

Arctic Answer:

“Absolutely! We can do what is called a “blower door test” to find out where the heat is …READ MORE

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